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New Orleans pralines


Sweet, rich and creamy, the praline is easily the most famous of any confection made in New Orleans.  Auntie Eva, better known as Tee-Eva, founded her cooking business with recipes passed down throughout the generations of her family.  From Elle to the Food Network, Eva's cooking has earned her a great deal of recognition, and helped solidify her place as the Praline Queen of New Orleans.  Still owned and operated by Eva's granddaughter, Tee-Eva's Old Fashioned Pies and Pralines continues to offer it's original and authentic recipe for sweet and creamy goodness from the Crescent City.


Please makes purchases by December 16, 2012 if you would like your order to arrive before December 24, 2012.


Pralines make a wonderful holiday gift, place secure orders online.  Shipping prices will be calculated into your total when checking out.


One dozen bite-size pecan pralines

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One dozen signature pecan pralines

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One dozen coconut pralines

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authentic New Orleans pralines




What's in a name?  There are as many accounts of the origin of the praline as there are recipes for the sweet confection.  One of the most widely-accepted versions stems from the home of the French diplomat Cesar du Plessis Praslin.  As legend has it, in the 1600's a chef at Praslin's manor created a sweet from almonds coated with a cooked syrupy sugar.  As the recipe traveled to Louisiana, pecans from our state would replace the almonds, cream was added, and constant stirring under a watchful eye would lead to the creation of a sweet piece of Creole cuisine history.


Pronounced as "Prah-Leen" by native New Orleanians, the rich, creamy confection is still made by Tee-Eva's with the same recipe used many years ago.



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Tee-Eva's is a Louisiana praline shop which offers shipping of pecan candy and pralines to Alabama Texas Arkansas Mississippi Florida and throughout the Gulf Coast.  Our praline recipe has been passed down for generations, to order online or to make a purchase using a credit card, use the options above or contact us for a custom batch of pralines including parline flavors such as almond praleens amaretto caramel prayleens chewy chocolate pecan praliens creamy milk chocolate pralenes turtle Jack Daniels Belgian black walnut praylines in tins or gift baskets for Thanksgiving Christmas birthdays and other holidays.  Our traditional Creole New Orleans praline shop is located Uptown, within driving distance of Kenner Metairie Algiers Harvey Marrero and Gretna Louisiana.