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Creole food photos


Tee-Eva's old fashioned pies and pralines satisfy our customerís Creole appetite by using unique Cajun ingredients found exclusively in Louisiana, with family recipes that have been passed down for generations.  Order online today!


New Orleans praline candy

creamy and rich New Orleans pecan pralines


sweet potato pecan pie

a warm slice of our sweet potato pecan pie


buy pecan pie online

9" traditional pecan pie, goes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream


order pecan pies online

our miniature pies, available at our Magazine street location


cream cheese pecan pie

9" deep dish cream cheese and pecan pie


New Orleans sweet potato pie

a Deep South classic - Aunt Eva's 9" sweet potato pie, mmmmmm good


cream cheese pecan pie

our 9" deep-dish cream cheese pecan pie


mail order pecan pie for sale

you will love every bite of our 9" sweet potato pecan pie


deep dish pecan pies

sweet and decadent 9"pecan pie, made from the freshest Southern pecans


mini pecan pie

small but satisfying to the sweet tooth, our miniature pecan pie


miniature sweet potato pie

miniature sweet potato pie


authentic sweet potato pecan pie

miniature sweet potato pecan pie


fresh cream cheese and pecan pie

miniature cream cheese pecan


Tee Eva's Pies and Pralines


Photos by Heather Jayce Photography.  Pictures shot for Delta Creations, All images copyright ©2008

No reproduction or use of photos without the express written permission of Heather Jayce Photography.



New Orleans praline shop address

photos of our pies and pralines

directions to our praline shop

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